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BBL or Brazilian But Lift is a very popular procedure today and the results can be spectacular. 

It is also one of the most risky plastic surgery procedures with several cases of death during surgery reported! (We have never had this happen in our practice ever.)

The reason for the danger is that injection into the deep veins in the pelvis can occur causing massive fat embolism with fat travelling in the veins to the heart and lungs and blocking off the blood flow! How can this happen?

It is related to the technique the surgeon uses to inject the fat into the buttock.

Some surgeons are not careful enough about not injecting to deep especially from below where one can enter the pelvis. Some surgeons use a canula that is too thin and floppy and the canula is not controlled properly and can go where it shouldn’t. Then some surgeons use a pump to inject the fat quickly, and this also increases the risk that if the canula is in a vein a lot of fat could be injected.

We therefore use a hand injector, with a sturdy canula and take great care to avoid going too deep. With proper care this can be a very safe procedure, and a very gratifying one, with many satisfied patients.

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